O : ONE DOLLAR SHORT : Eight Days Way - 2002

Текст песни Satellite

I found a photo of us today
The memories they came flooding back
Blowing out birthday candles
I was dressed as superman and you were a shining star
We would have only been in fourth grade
My sweet blue eyed childhood valentine
All these years and I miss you so much

First star I see tonight
I'll make a wish I hope comes true

I'd even search the stars for you
I'd even send a satellite
To find a piece of kryptonite
To have you right here by my side
I miss you I wish you were right here
I need you right here by my side

Everyday after class I'd carry your books
You would hold my hand and say to me
That when we grow up we'd get married
But time has a habit of bringing with it change
We've moved away grown up and grown apart
Sometimes I lay awake and wonder if your thinking about me
Like I thinkabout you?

[pre chorus]

Will I ever see you again?

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