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Текст песни Just Playin'

As I sit back relax
Puff a blunt/sip a becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I'd probably go to jail
For fuckin patti labelle
Oooh regina belle, she'd probably do me swell
Jasmine guy was fly
Mariah carey's kinda scary
Wait a miniute what about my honey mary
The jeans they fittin like a glove
I had a crush on you since real love
Hold your horses
Ima show ya who the boss of intercourse is
Sex I'm takin no losses
Even groups like swv and tlc
Cant see b.i.g. wit telepathy
The recipe of picture hardcore wit a gun
Pimpin ain't easy but it's always fun
When I bust my nut
I bust em one by one
So what's the 4-1-1 hun

Chorus(repeat *4)
Dreams of fuckin an r&b bitch
Im jus playin/know what I'm sayin

I'll put chante moore pussy in stitches
I'll fuck rupaul..
Before I fuck them ugly ass x-scape bitches
You can 76 the 69...try 68
Did raven simone called date rape
Only cuz I'm paid/im fuckin all of jade
And my dj zhane she likes it when they say
Everybody..move your body
Got whitney houson boostin from bobby
As I bus your cherry yo face lookin scarry
Backshots to chaka..i know that pussy hairry
Sade...ooooh I know that pussy tight
Spiked tina turner give her flashbacks of ike
Smoke the bones/me gettin them red
Im doin all of dem
Jimmy hats for patra
Im usin all of them
(what about toni braxton)
If that bitch give me action...
Guaranteed satisfaction

Chorus repeat * 4
....outro of biggie talkin.

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