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Текст песни Freestyle - Mister Cee

You're now entering the mode of the notorious biggie smalls
Junior m.a.f.i.a. clique, representing
This one going out to brooklyn
Y'all know what time it is
It's going out to all the gangsters, all the pimps, players, hoes and bitches
Y'all know what time it is
So this what I want y'all to do
I want y'all to grab your dutch masters and y'all white owls and y'all phillies
Umgh, get you a fat sack, pint of hennessy and lay back
Gonna do this one for my man mister cee, representing all day, every day
And all you other tape niggas and bootleggers, stay in the house
Cause brooklyn got this shit locked down
So any time you're ready mister cee
We gonna get hardcore on these homos

Like I said before, junior m.a.f.i.a. clique, hard-core
Uh, representing, biggie smalls in the house, uh, check it, uh
Biggie smalls is the wickedest
Niggas say I'm pussy, I dare you to stick your dick in this
If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphilis
Herpes, gonorrhea, climittia, getting rid'a ya
Got it locked like the penatentury
Niggas mention me for mc execution
Who you choosin, the wack mc
Or the fat black mc
Jack dempsey will start shaking
All it's taking, is some marijuana and I'm making
Mcs break fast, like flap-jacks and bacon
Back spins, the windmills, who's still the gin-drinker
Ill-thinker, exploding when the paper hits the ink-ugh
Take the gangster chronicles, turn to page 6-6-6
Holocost, b.i.g. the merciless
Niggas press they luck-and
They get a butt-fuckin
Straight up the ass
Raw dog with the rash
And I don't fuck with the condoms
The condoms is a problem from the aids getting sprayed
Diseases, b.i.g. pleases
Mcs across the seas is just the way, I crush my pray, hey
I'm crazy and deranged
Blowing niggas out the frame, simple and plain
But getting back, to the black, rhinocerisous rap
B.i.g. took a loss, hypopotheris is back, nigga

Notorious biggie smalls, '94 ready to die

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