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Текст песни Friend of Mine

(nature talking) yeah I got alot of fuckin' friends in this world man,
But I don't think this nigga right here is my fuckin' friend, I heard
Alot of shit right here, I think I'm 'bout to explain what a fuckin'
Friend is, knowwhati'msayin'? a friend is a nigga that'll be there to
Squeeze for you, count your cheese for you, whatever, push your ki's for
You, bone the same bitch and catch the same disease wit' you, if it
Don't go down like that then they aint' your friend.

Verse 1: (e-money bags)
You can hate or love this
No matter what you think a thug is
Bitches who know the stee, they all wanna plug with this god
You hear my name in the beauty salon
And nails too
My name properly branded up in there tatoo
Blow their back too, I'm popular
Put the glock to ya
Empower ya, in fact
You won't believe it 'till you don't get your shit back
Yo luckily I lived that
Niggas on your team tell you damm you shouldn't have did that
I sit back and observe ya'll
Reminiscent when I herbed all ya'll
E-money bags in blood printed on the wall
Who you gonna call? toast busters
Niggas who roller coast behind drug connects don't trust us
Some can't relate to this, outta state we flip
I won't come back without a new house and a whip
I do shit that you kick
If you do it too, then you sick
I move dolo, co-defendants is a no-no.

Chorus (all 3)
It be the money niggas with the respect and all the power
Keep the teck beside the shower
Condos be on the towers
We livin' what comes out of our mouth for all you cowards,
Introducin' nature, he be a friend of ours...

Verse 2: (nature)
Handshakes turn to hugs and hugs turn to headlocks
You violate I let the led pop
Makin' you a movin' target
I'll send a slug through ya garments
Think I give a fuck who you involved wit'?
Q.b. smooth pirahnnas
The young minister's menace
I dropped out the tenth grade, never finished
Merked off, for these chips I be the work horse
Workin' overtime, you'll get your first loss fuckin' with us
Set trends, some are original like us and some'll mimic
I try to seperate fact from gimmick
Crack from women
Platinum driven
Automatic results
I'm hearin' attica will shatter your hopes
Habits I broke, like talkin' on the phone when I'm fired up
Niggas be wired up like human aiwa's
Could it be that they be snitchin' or they just admirers
A friend of ours, in a non-trustworthy environment.

Chorus (all 3)
It be the money niggas, with the respect and all the power
Keep the teck beside the shower
Condo's be on the towers
Livin' what comes out the mouth of all you cowards,
Introducin' kool g. rap, he be a friend of ours.

Verse 3: (kool g. rap)
Godfather saga
Hit you dead in the chest like shots of vodka
Funerals crowded like soccer while I'm watchin' opera
Last like sinatra, blast like binaca
Binoculars is how I watched you droppin' from the chopper
Mafia imposter
Get left for dead with your face inside of your plate of pasta
For bein' a hasa, salude to my crew to prosper (salude)
You know how we do, we ice pick your boulder
You meet death over glasses of ice with the bola
Blood on your shoulder
Mink cosa nostra
Keepin' the heater with the toasters
Dough in the sofa's
Cashmere with gator loafers
We bulletproof the rovers and pimp smack you sober
My whole crew is menaces, lieutenants and soldiers
Flip on you the way that montana did to minola
Convincin' voters holdin' mad dough thats older than yoda
Leave bad odors when we leave cobras twisted like yoga
Colder than the cats thats in ebola
Bubble like soda
Bendin' these young mamacitas over
Cross me I'll cut out your mama's ovaries
Kid, you know the steez
Have your wake smellin' like potpourri
On the low key, ship ki's to overseas
My shit gets sold quicker than groceries
K-double-o-l-and g, you know it's me.

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