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Текст песни Shock of The Hour

Rumdidditty dum dum, rum didditty dum dum
Rum diddity dum dum dum
The shock of the hour, armageddon
Judgment day has come

Now it license lights with million knights the divides and canyon
The shock of the hour has come to devour the evil, deceivers, and satan
Among shin, among men, you wicked, whisperin' devil
Get deep in the flames of hell for the lies you babble
6 6 6, the mark of the beast and the number of man
Is s, see yes you just confessed the antichrist is caucasian
'cause you made from God and God is man, created on six
The art deceivers made believers outta my people and the crucifix
The symbol of death, the sign of christ, and christa was weak
He came from krishna, God of the hindies, so get weak for your black feet
Now call on your false god, from zeus to borta
To armen, diana, I call on ela
You wastin' for peace for a feast on the blood of kings
You ancient babylon, america, all form in griefs
As the apocalypse, spits your eclipse, engulfed darkness
The dragon is bound in a bottom less pit
Now fear the doom of death, from the tune of ruffiah's trumpet
The return of esop is the legion, the messiah is coming
The angles over hell will chastise with pain
Those who worship deplicit darkness and kept his name
Blesses to the seven souls, 'round the throne from el villione
And pieces how you take this to the prophets and the puzzled
So devils, run here we come, ready to fight
The shock of the hour is power when the clock strikes midnight


(mc ren)
In the twinklin' of an eye, motherfuckers gonna die
Watchin' baby bomber planes rip across the sky
Fallin' on your jesus, comin' for the pork chop
Wake ya out your sleep, shit is deep, about to wreck shop
Bombs goin' down a mile deep, pushin' up a mile high
Nigga ain't allowed to cry while they disbelieve his god
Fakin' with your malcolm x picture on the wall
Motherfuckers shoulda listened when you got your final call
Think your doin' the brothers a favor by buyin' a paper
Shoulda read your paper, it tells ya the devil raped ya
Stripped ya of the scripture, blood ya then he crypt ya
Gave you a corner, some bitches, and called you that nigga
And then he pimped ya
You're mind is a waste, so now you got a taste
The chastise bitch ya shoulda took heed of what the wise said
Now you're bent outta shape with no power
Fuck up and waited for the shock of the hour


What's the whole comin' to for someone who was snakes?
Just a gang a rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes, makin' milk shakes
Vanilla killa, 'cause it's judgment day
The kinda shit that turn your baby's hair gray, so you pray
That it stop before you drop, for goodness sake
Damn I'm seein' shit that make pregnant women's water break
Oughta make a run for it but you can't move
You terrified of somethin' that a law had to prove
So there you lie motionless and gave up the ghost
You finally arrived at the day you dreaded most
It's the shock of the hour


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