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Текст песни Power[& Quot;Featuring Thug Queen"]

Krayzie and thug queen:thug mentality 1999

I got the power (power...) power to the people; we the people, got the power,
Let's ride
A nigga be humble but I'm down for mine/ don't give me no static-n-you and I can
Be fine;
I may be quiet; believe me, I get violent/ you ready for war then grab your shit
And come on
Its' already jumpin', so we can just run in and start buckin'/ fuck tha police
Now, let that be the reason/ you meet the heated 9-milli/ cease to breathin'/
The glock shot the cop
Body rott/ fuck 'em, grab his shotgun and cuff 'em, and dump his ass in the
River and let it splash
Do the shit/ smooth, oil every slick move, but don't nobody know, but I know
That nigga fish food
So if you ready for the po-po to die, then put one hand up in the air, the other
Hand on your 9
And say, yeah, yeah! get your pump, pump, pump, pump, pump...let me hear you
Yeah, hell yeah! get your pump, pump, pump, pump, pump...
Thug queen and krayzie
God is so passionate and hears the cries of the needy (needy) devils' greedy
(greedy) they get
You high (so high) before they feed you (feed you) power to the people that
Wanted to beat you
And mistreat you/ and at the same time have a smile when they greet you (greet
Could never be equal/ we are revelation angels (angels) change, cuz no matter
How hard you try
You can't erase us or replace us (erase us or replace us) keep your eyes posted
High into the sky
It's your life, the fragile prize for provin' that black lives'll rise and fall
Becauze of god
The tune is playin'/ black women and black men, it's not to late to repent your
Sin (sin)
You better stop, duck down, down, down (pay attention; listen) what's that
Sound? ak-47, nigga
Better hit the ground, so you better...you better stop , duck down, down, down
(pay attention; listen)
What's that sound? ak-47, nigga so you better hit the ground...i think I got the
Power that can take
Over the world, you see? look, I'm tryin' to live forever with my destiny
(destiny) man, I'm tryin' to
Start some shit/ a nigga deep into this army shit/ and if you feel it, you can
March to this
We got a million thugs, strong stompin'/ I'm ready to pump, pump, pump, pump and
Dump the enemies
In the trunk, fuck 'em/ hey, I heard they got a plan to try to kill us all/
Niggas get the mark of the beast
Disturbin' the peace/ but at least we know they doin' dirty, I'm keepin' the
30-30 close, so don't worry
We get with the static in a hurry
Come on, what, what, what would you do, would you do, would you do if the end of
The world
Came and it was real (real) and to know that you'll be dyin' soon (soon, soon)
Armageddon's comin' for you and for me, can't you see (see)
Get your pump...you can get your pump...

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