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Текст песни Paper

The world, the world, the world, is very different now...
Everybody wants some paper (I want some) niggas fightin' over paper (I know you
Want some)
And when you die, I can bet you (you will die) you died tryin' to get some
(I can bet you will die) shame, shame...
Ain't life a fucked up game with all the green? mighty, mighty dollar bill y'all
(bill y'all) have you
Sinnin'/ eventually in a coffin one day/ but you can't knock the hustle; niggas
Got bills to pay
Struggle and strive/ I'm tryin' to stay alive, but in the meantime I'm a get
Mine/ everything'll be fine
When I can eat and get high/ I mean eat when I want to/ purchase some weed and
Have a place to
P.o.d. when I want to/ but tryin' to make the paper ain't the only worry/ I got
To keep my glock
Cocked; niggas be plottin' on me, tryin' to hurt me/ so I stop, and nigga,
What's up? I'm in a hurry
No time for conversations with niggas that's thinkin' to murder me/ but I pin
'em everytime(everytime)
Time after time they try, but you can be deceased/ no more, your life/ friends
Is usually your foes
You know you're just like everybody/ I trust nobody
Cuz everybody want the paper
Money, money, money...make your, make your, cash flow...
A nigga be thinkin'; ain't it funny sometimes that you can be quick to do a
Crime; you come up
And get robbed and shot, but you got the same job? tricky business/ sometimes
You get your wig
Split/ but, shit, for the cheddar, I guess we just be willing to risk it this
Is a stick up. give up the
Cash, your wallet, purse nigga dash/ you turn around; I'm puttin a bullet up in
Your ass
Desperate-ass niggas don't play/ me and my niggas ain't ate all day/ and you can
Go to the grave for meal plate
Niggas play dirty cuz we out here hungry/ we just want a meal on the table
And a meal in the pocket/ you die if you cannot pay for your life/ niggas is
And that's why (that's why, that's why, that's why...)
Big hundred dollar bills, y'all...would you kill for them hundred dollar bills,
Would you kill? would you kill? would you kill for them hundred dollar bills
Better make your cash flow (cash flow, cash flow)
Nigga better make your cash flow/ nigga make your money, money, man
Better hustle up and make your cash flow...fuck being poor.

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