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Текст песни Intro

{krayzie speaking to a crowd of his soldiers} fall in line.
(commotion: let's do this shit. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. it's over, baby. we got to
Do this shit. we do. we do.)
Now, there comes a time when we got to stand up and fight for what the fuck we
Want, and that time is now.
(we with you, krayzie. we with you, baby) is my niggas with me? (hell, yeah. we
With you. let's roll. let's do it. let's ride.)
Yeah, and I say, we burn this muthafucker down. suit up and strap up, protect
Yourself for war. now, all my niggas rollin' with
Me, let me see you pull your muthafuckin' gun out (pull my gun out) and the
Niggas that's scared (I ain't fin to run), this time is
Not for you to run out (get y'all punk muthafuckers outta here. yeah. get outta
Here, muthafucker. I'm not bullshittin'. yeah
Yeah. I'm not bullshittin'.) now, some of us will not be comin' back, and some
Will live on (I'm a nigga, baby. I'm a nigga
Baby) but if you live, nigga, you represent the real, and you tell 'em, that we
Died strong. but for now, you gotta concentrate on
The opponent. no mercy for the opponent because the opponent has showed you no
Mercy (no mercy. no mercy.)
So from this day on, you eat, you sleep, you piss, you drink; war (the war is
On, baby.) until we have victory over those who
Oppose the muthafuckin' thug, especially police. (fuck the police, muthafucker.
Buck, buck, buck...)
War...let's start the war
(I'll keep buckin' at these po-po/ caught 'em, fall down, fall down, fall down)
Wear your leather mask on your face if you're ready to ride (we don't need 'em/
Law is crooked and you know, now)
Get your 12 gauge shotgun if you're ready to ride (I'll keep buckin' at these
Po-po, 'caught 'em, fall down, fall down, fall down)
Shoot the muthafuckin' copper down if you ready to ride
(we don't need 'em/ law is crooked and you know, now/ you know, now, know now/ i
Know you know now)

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