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Текст песни Play It Kool

Cool.. -> rakim (cut and scratched 3x by polo)

[kool g. rap]
I play it kool, gettin to tour just like a jazz player
Your record player ain't nothin without the funky rhyme sayer
Kool g. rap, cause to the little I'm an idol
Attackin the vital parts to maintain my title
The suckers panic, but to the ladies I'm romantic
And gigantic, just like the atlantic ocean
As I flow in slow motion
And I be cookin you suckers like tan lotion
The k-double-o-l, g-r-a-p, and p-o-l-o
Would like to say hello to you mellow fellow
What are you yellow? you're hidin like a coward
And I don't allow it, you get devoured
Cause you can't cope, cause I'm dope and you don't have
A prescription, so just walk like an egyptian
My instrumentals ain't up for rental
But come and try em and if you wanna buy em then I supply em
I got the source of an orchestra
But if you don't pay the cost to the boss then I'm forcin ya
You said you're ready like freddie to battle me
But the real freddie's dead and I ain't curtis mayfield
All wise, with four i's/eyes like mississippi
You try to trip me, but I just play it kool
Just like a hippie, to be like g, this is the number one rule
Play it kool

Cool.. -> rakim (cut and scratched 3x by polo)

[kool g. rap]
I just glide, these are the tales from the brainside
With lyrics and the beats I provide they collide
To form a homicide, you get dragged in a big bag
Shell ? ricochet, so watch em zig-zag
Off angle, but I'm in shape like a triangle
I need a sucker to strangle, with my new single
All rhymes are terrifying, you're dying
You might as well be in a cage with a mountain lion
When I hear the bell ring, I'm swingin head level
Burnin your block, my rhymes hotter than red devil
So peel off, like a potato (cool)
Cause I play it kool like the music inside a elevator
Doc the butcher is a true blue musician
I'm gettin busy while suckers are goin fishin
Or out to lunch, as they munch and they crunch
On a bunch of stellar rhymes, so I just give em a hawaiian punch
And let em stagger, givin em lipstick and they mick jagger
Lyrics are sharper than a dagger
Agony, yeah I'm braggin nobody's baggin me
To the bedroom, your girlfriend is draggin me
I make the hits radios won't swing, but that's ok (cool)
Hey, cause everything is still kool and the gang (cool)
Let's party cause everybody plays the fool
But I play it kool

Cool.. -> rakim (cut and scratched 6x by polo)

[kool g. rap]
I play it kool, makin you kneel, squirm and squeel
My name ain't rodney but I'm standin on the dangerfield
And my shows, I bust em out just like a virgin
Cause I get stupid but I'm smarter than a brain surgeon
G. rap is here to bury
So duck mc's, I send em to the pet semetary
Your whole crew turns chicken when they finish
Watchin you die, so please stand by as I fry
You kinda sour so I dip you in some flour
Read my book, it says cook for about an hour
Ring the dinner bell, brain cells are well done
It's time you got a story, don't tell none
So this here is the only I'm sane
So play it kool (cool) or you'll be headin for the deadpool
I play it kool-er than a band in the north pole
But I never freeze up or catch a cold
Never stiff, I shoot the gift kinda swift
Try to riff, and you'll needin a facelift
Cause I'm a teacher and a trainer, a preacher and a explainer
World's greatest entertainer
I approach like a coach to the umpire
And like live wire i'ma start a dumb fire
This is kool g. rap the principal of the new school
Cause I play it kool

* polo cuts and scratches to the end *

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