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Текст песни One Family

Verse 1
Forgetting the old and starting things
Brand new the past is gone and the future's
Here for you this christmas
The world's a little kinder too cause everybody
Observes the golden rule at christmas

Love's unconditional and we're all emotional because
Our hearts have been made new. love's unconditional and
We're all emotional because or hearts have been made new

Verse 2
Give thanks to God for where he's brought us from,
He's given us blessings, he's given us his son this
Christmas. i wnat the gitfs and the finer things but
I know better that love is what we need at chirstmas.

Love's uncondtional and we're all emotional because
Restorations come (repeat) because the family is one

We are one family through the year not just christmas.

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