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Текст песни I Won't Bite My Tongue

You stood there, thinkin' you were all that
And I did too
You took too long to step to me
So I just stepped to you, heh
We talked all night 'bout all that you could do
If I coulda forseen what's behind the jeans
Boy, i'da never talked to you, heh

1 - damn, I thought you'd be packin'
And damn, I thought you put ya back in it
Damn, no you didn't, so you're finished
Gotta let you know, cuz you gotta lose my number
Damn, you had the worst sex
And damn, you didn't last a second
Damn, no you didn't, so you're finished
And I gotta let you go

2 - I won't bite my tongue
You wasn't good, so you can't get none
Our first will be your last
The d was trash, sorry ass
And you need to know

Repeat 2

Don't kid yourself baby, I'm not impressed
You talked too much, couldn't back it up
And your stroke was just a mess
I won't bite my tongue
Cuz you said that I would be sprung
I can't tell what you did to me
Cuz before I got mine, you were done

Repeat 1

Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Before you take me, oh baby
Make sure that you know
How to make me, fulfill me
If not, don't you come my way

Oh no, oh no
Oh oh no
Oh no no no
Cuz I won't, I won't

Repeat 2 to fade

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