J : JESUS & MARY CHAIN : Unsorted

Текст песни Silverblade

Talking 'bout the things I lack
Choke me up with what I say
Shouting out for something
Standing up for nothing
She's looking down but I just couldn't wait
Looks real tough when she talks that stuff
And cries for another day
Looks real mean when she hits that scene
Cries like a silver queen

Aah help me
Aah tell me
Aah kill me
She can't come
She's got to get you some

My world has been undone
And laugh at words gone wrong
Our love has been and gone

And I know just what I'm searching for
In a world that's turned from me to her
And it's coming to me anyway
And it's coming from a silverblade
From a silverblade
From a silverblade

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