G : GARTH BROOKS : Scarecrow - 2001

Текст песни The Storm

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She sits among the pieces of broken glass and photographs
Reluctantly releases the last of what was her past
It struck without a warning or did she just ignore the signs
In those dark clouds forming behind her silver lines


The door it slammed like thunder and the tears they fell like rain
And the warnings from her family whirl like a hurricane
She's drowning in emotions and she cannot reach the shore
She's alive but can she survive the storm

A broken jewel box dancer lies in pieces down the hall
She's finding out the answers don't change nothing at all
It's time that she stopped searching for who's to blame or what went wrong
The only thing for certain is he's gone, she's got to move on

Repeat chorus

Someday days just roll on by without a gray cloud in the sky
She keeps telling herself, I will make it on my own
And her friends they've all gone back to their lives
Thinking she will be all right
As she races through the night to make it home

Repeat chorus

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