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Текст песни Kill The Sun

It's good to have a window on the world
And to live deep in the heart of the beast in the sun
Night after night, I do the same damn thing
Do the weirdness dance, for those who can't
It's getting to the point where I can't take it anymore

Waking up at 3 pm
In a thrashed bedroom, sharp with needles and knives
Reach for the crutches that keep in motion
Vague memories that keep me alive
Like when she used to call me baby
All alone in our room, in the middle of the night
Kill the sun, yes, kill the sun
Kill the sun
Come on, come on, stop the light

Yes, I 've got sunshine
It's a suicide song in the back of my mind
Pure white evilwrapped around my eyes
Yeah I've got all the cities of light to live in
I don't even want no part
Hard is the fall
Cold is the bite
Kill the sun, yeah come on stop the light...

Kill the night

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