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Текст песни Carolea

She came to the coast from the show me state
With her daddy's blue eyes and her mama's blind hate
Guess she didn't know much but she knew the rules
What she needed to learn, she would find in l.a.
Not back in that school
Didn't wanna read about it
Guess she wanted to see
Carolea, she's carolea
Yeah, yeah, never quite sure what she wanted to be
Just a little girl alone in a big bad place
With a devious mind and a beautiful face
Ever since she was a baby she learned how to play
Wanted money in her hands from the easiest way
All her friends said, stop girl, you can't pay the price
But the hard way out don't appeal to the beast inside
She don't wanna hear about the better life
Guess she's ready to be
Hey, carolea

She never tells the truth to the folks back east
Truth about the drugs and the men she gets paid to please
Well they don't know
Yeah, they don't see
Yeah, that finally now after all these years
She's let the beast inside roam free

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