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So you've got balls now
Marie on the run
Down on newberry street
Seventeen seconds of fun

Apes are overrated, blucky
A kinky batch of pudding, yay!
Garbage dump pumpkin rot
And candy apple gray

Werewolf in a flower bed
Perfect day for lucky guy
This song was never meant to be released
What's that flaming ball in the sky?

The crack head from texas
He can read my feet
A bruised pinata
And a liquid pixie

If friends were flowers
Nothing gold can stay
Consexual sense
And squeegee tales

Bees in the cookie jar
Symphonic despair
Reinventing the manifesto
I, you, we ... don't care

Jacuzzi's and bunnies
A broken fondue set
Koool g is in the outhouse
You can be my mr. french

This old frisbee
Is shitting in the alley
I saw a naked picture of me on the internet
Wearing jesus's new snowshoes
Golly gee

If hell is crowded, then we shall sing
A hip song for the kids in the back
For michele & the dripping of a faucet
Ride the vicious bicycle on the tracks

Olympic mayonnaise, dr. thunder!
Low occupancy vehicle stops and starts
With hollywood suspicion
The doctor had snake parts

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