C : COMPANY FLOW : Unsorted

Текст песни Linda Trip

* this song appeared on hiphopjoints.com as a response
To anticon rapper sole but hasn't officially been released

El-p: straight up if it wasn't for cats like me
For real and I am not bullshittin
If it wasn't for cats like me you wouldn't be in the rec
In the door and I know that's true now knowwhatmsayin?
Because now you're really in some of it

Sole: where's len? I told len that fuckin; I sai {slight pause}
Quote, that I said, I love company flow
I don't wanna be against you guys i-i-i quote
Quote, unquote I said, I wanna be down - you know;
Like I said I don't want beef with you guys
Youknowiamlikedude; like fuckin
This whole shit is bananas, y'know

El-p: like you're gonna make it by dissing me
You know the record that got coflow scared, knowwhatmsayin? ?
It's like do I sound scared? ?

Sole: no I don't think you sound very scared

Some cats know us but this one don't
I oughta pierce this fuckin phallus through your rookie ass throat
Yo duke, don't step to me until you're ripened fruit
I'm loopy from the invitations from funeral glue
Stone poems dissolve combatants via shards through 56k high speed
Still blitzed like relaxed I'll call geisha felatio deeds
Like fertilizer bombs packed in air tower compartment docks
Sticky fuck revolution shot - send all complaints to rupert murdoch
I'll black out in the mug of suburbanites with little stinger's crew
You volunteer for the draft stupid--thats on you!!
On some upper middle class romantic notion
So the mortar scraps'll fly cry gates section 8 escape like klinger do
The demented happy face bruised back for pussycrew packin
Rockin clam diggers with cut knees in hepatitis puddles - no vaccine
Plus 99% are down but you still give respect for
Silently questionin your direction - like amistad passenger section
Gilbert grape against magneto odds;
Ultimate break 5 versus your needle pops;
Davey jones versus goliath;
I'm ed sullivan beatles crowd response
I slowed it down - try to download this gig to formatted floppy disk
While heads bop like epileptics sucking my dick to some off-beat shit

Sole: I l-l-l-l-l-l-love company flow
::scratch:: y-y-you faggot

This spoiled brat little young saga got a mommy bought my sampler tapes
(sole: I wanna be down)
Make sure every one sheet snippet tape flyer sticker and t-shirt
Got a representation of my name and face
I rock beats that tina yothers morning sickness without makeup ugly dusty
Fucked up four track dirty ass crack pirate radio readiness
Okay fella; I own my masters, lyrics, merchandise
Mic, turntables, style psychosis pain and penis
Deranged cadence kills syllable uv needles
Makin gangsters in the crowd throw bottles at my people
We dip on life cycles few data crisp since
Custom jeep dapper dan era in 3 fat goose
Swingin discs of tron to disembowel your village elder
Fuckin sick isn't it? bucket my piss while you're at it kiss the dog dick
Try to act monstrous but just a beanie baby after my profit
That don't do much for hip hop - that isn't respect it's cockfondlin
In eighty-nine we called it tip-doggin; but you ain't know that rookie
Don't ever try to front like you know me or my people
By the way vordul did I bite?

Vordul: yea right!!--thats fantasy lie snake trife

Sole: like fuckin - this whole shit is bananas

You little lying muthafucka you know you kiss my ass
And then you try to ::scratch:: change up the past
Who fell into their own hari kari kit when they lied to themselves
Self abuse by selling lies self destructive
I am captain kirk, spock and lieutenant uhura on the away team
You're henson lebowitz - the sacrificial lamb for the episode
You beamed to the wrong planet this time
Wth a hot pink phaser and one line
Before getting morphed to faggot dust for not knowing our status
Automatic and absolutely the poisonous shit-licking one cyber reject
New england rich boy soon to catch a bay area eject
Marionette pussy non-veteran
I got more friends than you where you live
(menopause/ men all pause) when I stop that flow of estrogen
You wanna be on the cutting edge--sliced up
Emotions knifed--life sucks
Feeling dejected when frustration is misdirected in official election
Conjections on top of blaming misinformation textures
So inane--i cause colon blow pain
You have an obsession respect it
From now on you're immortalized playin yourself on my record
Congratu-fuckin-lations; isn't that what you wanted-- idiot!!
There's more than a little difference between yours and mines existence
This is my ride; and your not commadering it
The only thing advanced about your music
Is that you need a computer to hear it
This year your independent,
Last year you was on some keep it real shit, right?
The last year before that you discovered hip-hop
And you immediately became an internet genius
Fecetious pseudo-intellectualism can't contest wisdom
I feel like selena; the president of my fan club trying to kill me
And you'se a bad ass?
Let's take a linda trip file since you wanted to play the game filthy
Bad enough that you lied about me; front like this isn't your voice
I'll be force to release the microcassette in it's entirety

Sole: I mean, fuckin len knows, I mean.. y'know I like your shit
You know it's not really like that y'know

El-p: I don't know that you like my shit
I haven't even heard your record
I have no idea what you think about me

Sole: i-i-i-i-i love company flow--i love company flow
I don't wanna be against you guys--i don't wanna be against you guys
I wanna be down--i-i-i-i-i wanna be down--i-i-i-i-i wanna be down

:: I love company flow -- sole's voice stretched and echoed
So it sounds like he's sputtering and stuttering:::

This is one of those precious moments of ferocious paybacks
Closest to the perfect scenario you made a move but it backfired
Magnified by the fact that you tried to project a persona
Of confrontation by subverting a crew who in fact you idolized
Next time your delusions of groupie lust and battle fame
Isolated website hip-hop coast tiger beat subscription addiction
Malignancy career impotency lies high school gossip power move
Will simply get you beat the fuck up, liar!!
Spell my God damn name right next time pussy
Feel the beauty of futulity served with arsenic cookies
And old lace, you tried to save facial; yo fuck that I fold space
You musta thought you was canibus trying to eat my ass
How does the hole taste timmy?
You don't even deserve this moment--do you?
You haven't paid enough dues to get a battle--pupil!!
Run along and do your little interviews with your fantasy life distortion
Next time you reveal your true self make sure that no one records it
You stupid!!

Sole: to be totally honest with you--i think your being cool, y'know
Like; I mean, taking in consideration everything--y'know

El-p: yaknahmsayin my plan was especially to ignore you, but like,
Now it's gettin very difficult to do that because you're makin too..
You're makin too big a deal, out of what you perceive as a diss to you;
When in reality like, I don't think your completely
Positive that your totally correct on this one

Sole: uh, I don't feel very correct right now; at this point
That's why I don't really have anything to say because it's like
Well fuck, you know I made I made my el-p diss record already y'know?

Damn thats a sucka---faggot----
Get played, out of position
---true feelings---
M-m-murder a rookie----
Suck the dick kid and eat the dick cookie----
E-e-e-at the dick cookie

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