Текст песни Cleopatra's Cat

Cleopatra's favorite cat
Got his hands on caeser's spats
The heat was on as you could see
So he front 'em to mark antony
Said, my girlfriend's cat is smarter than me.

Caeser had an eye for clothes
He saw them spats and said, I like those.
Caeser had not thing to say, except
Jesu christi domine
Et tu, brute
Jesu christi domine
Et tu, brute.

The senate tried to sympathize
It was the cat they should despise
Informant told his whereabouts
Centurions to seek him out

Centurions! there go the centurions

Brutus had to turn his head
When that cat done went and said
If he's got this thing for shoes
He just might be ambitious, too
They got holidays all in his name
And all a tyrant needs is fame
Those fascists don't play pretty games
Egypt is the place to be
But rome is a democracy

Caeser never got them back
Cause they killed his ass in the second act
Brutus spoke, then antony
Said, my girlfriend's cat is smarter than me
Egypt's biggest rivalry
Cleopatra's cat and me.

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