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Текст песни Heavy Liftin'

I hit the ground runnin' with the mornin' sun
When a job needs doing I get it done
I show up early and I go home late
Everybody knows I pull my wieght

I don't mind doing
A little heavy liftin'
I'm always givin'
My everything
Even when I'm hurtin'
I keep on workin'
And as long as I'm still alive and kickin'
I'll be stickin'
To the heavy liftin'

Oh baby I heard he done you wrong
The going go tough and he got gone
Well he ain't here and I ain't him
And even if the walls come fallin' in
(you know)


Baby when you heart is achin'
Lean on me, my back ain't breakin'
All I'm sayin' is


Honey I ain't quittin'
I'm always givin'
My everything

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