B : BILLY GILMAN : Music Through Heartsongs - 2003

Текст песни Possession

One of my greatest fears is "It. "
I can't touch "it, " but I can feel "it. "
It does not have a taste or smell,
But I can hear it in my spirit

It is deep inside of me,
It makes me fear my memory
One day I'll live peacefully,
Without the fear of "It "

It is something I can't see
It can never possess me
It always tries to take control
I can defeat it if I believe it

[Repeat Chorus]

It keeps running through my mind,
I have to fight it time and time
And time and time and time
And time again...

[Repeat Chorus]

The more I understand about it
The less my world revolves around it
Then I can just live out my life
Without the fear of "it. "

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