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Текст песни I Can Wait

My name shined so bright
Reflecting in my lights
Someone put a sign up
On this rainy night
Naturally I stopped
All three doors were locked
When right out of nowhere
Came this creepy man
With gun in hand
He screamed stay in your van

Well, I can wait
I'm an open-minded guy
I can wait
I'm in no hurry to die

I rolled my window down
Said we can get along
He growled hi,I'm satan
Take me back to town
I came to steal your soul
But I'm too freezing cold
'cause I've been working too hard
So just drive me home
And I'll leave you alone

Well, I can wait...

When we got 'round the bend
He said I won't tell when
But we will meet again
Some sunny day

Now it seems so unreal
Satan turned on his heel
And made me a deal

Well, I can wait...

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