Текст песни Sick Beautiful

All the world's your ashtray, I'm just your marlboro.
Light me up then butt me, you're sick & beautiful.
It's bamby meets godzilla, a 3d free for all. set me up then stomp me, you're sick & beautiful.
Squeeze me like your lemon, then mix with alcohol. shake me hard then down me, you're sick & beautiful.

You're gravy with gasoline & wicked with whipping cream.

I need a quick fix, I'm flashing like an instamatic, crusted like a worn out penthouse, your junk is habitual, you're sick & you're beautiful.

Bounce me hard & dunk me, I'm just your basketball. lay me up then heave-ho, you're sick & beautiful. peel my bandage slowly, it's psychological.

You're napalm with novocain, a kite in a hurricane.


Leave me in a ditch like roadkill, or maybe we could switch the driver. have some mercy and kevorkian me to sleep.

You're cockroach with cabernet, but taste like a milky way. you're gravy with gasoline & wicked with whipping cream.


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