Текст песни Crawl

We gotta talk, you can't keep it up now, you're eating kraft dinner in the eye of a twister. you don't listen to me, I'm your referee, I'm screaming real loud all you hear is a whisper.
You can see what you wanna see, you can hear what you wanna hear, don't look at me for your enemies, I wanna see you..

Wake up, sugar sugar, come down smell the coffee, drink your fears, taste your problems, crawl....

You like to sleep alone on a landmine. your life's not a joke but it's painfully funny. you don't listen to sal, but she is your real pal, you're waiting for a ride but there's nobody comin
U can freak if you wanna freak, you can fight if you wanna fight, learn to crawl when you're really weak, I wanna see you....


You can sink if you wanna sink, you can swim if you wanna swim, you can't afford me to be your shrink, I wanna see you.....


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