The Cesium song 10

Cesium (All through the Night)
(Tune, Fever)


Never know how much I need you,
Never know how much I'd dare,
When I mix you up with water,
I get a heat that's hard to bear.

I need my Cesium!
Burnin' brightly,
Cesium to give me light.
Cesium -
In the morning,
Cesium all through the night.


Sun lights up the daytime.
Moon lights up the night.
Cesium lights up heaven above,
With a brilliant sky-blue light.

I need my Cesium!
Burnin' hotly.
Cesium shinin' so bright.
Cesium -
In the morning,
Cesium to make me feel right.

Needs some Cesium,
Cesium to give 'em that glow.
Cesium -
Add some water,
Get a fire hot as down below!


Romeo, he had Cesium,
Cool water Juliette.
When they mixed it up together,
Things got as hot as they can get!

They needed Cesium!
Flamin' madly.
Cesium burnin' so blue.
Cesium -
Shared between them.
Cesium to make their love true.


Come to the end of my story.
Got to the point that I made.
Cesium's the stuff to heat you up,
And you ain't gonna find no shade!

You'll need cesium!
As you sizzle.
Cesium some comfort to earn.
Cesium -
It's almighty.
What a lovely way to burn!

- - Songs of Cesium #96