up to the chin in

[up to the chin in] or [in --- up to the chin] {adj. phr.},{informal} Used also with "ears", "elbows", "eyes" or "knees" insteadof "chin", and with a possessive instead of "the". 1. Having a big orimportant part in; guilty of; not innocent of; deeply in.

Was Tommixed up in that trouble last night? He was up to his ears in it.

Mr. Johnson is up to the eyes in debt.

Mrs. Smith is in debt upto her chin.

Compare: TO THE HILT. 2. Very busy with; working hardat.

Bob is up to his neck in homework.

They are up to theirelbows in business before Christmas.

3. Having very much or many of;flooded with.

Mary was up to her knees in invitations to go toparties.

Compare: KNEE-DEEP.