let up

[let up] {v.}, {informal} 1. To become less, weaker, or quiet;become slower or stop.

It's raining as hard as ever. It's notletting up at all.

It snowed for three days before it let up andwe could go outdoors.

2. To do less or go slower or stop; relax; stopworking or working hard.

Grandfather has been working all his life.When is he going to let up?

Let up for a minute. You can't workhard all day.

Jim ran all the way home without letting up once.

Compare: SLOW DOWN. Contrast: BEAR DOWN. 3. To become easier, kinder,or less strict. - Usually used with "on".

Let up on Jane. She issick.

Syn.: EASE UP. 4. or [change up] To pitch a ball at less thanfull speed in baseball. - Usually used with "on".

John pitched aball that was very fast and the batter missed it. Then he let up onthe next pitch and the batter was badly fooled.