let one have it

[let one have it] {v. phr.} 1a. {slang} To hit hard.

He drewback his fist and let the man have it.

Give him a kick in thepants; let him have it!

Syn.: GIVE IT TO. 1b. {slang} To use a weaponon; to shoot or knife.

The guard pulled his gun and let the robberhave it in the leg.

Compare: OPEN UP. 1c. or [let one have it withboth barrels] {slang} To attack with words; scold; criticize.

Marykept talking in class until the teacher became angry and let her haveit.

Syn.: LIGHT INTO(2). 2. {informal} To tell about it. - Used inthe imperative phrase, "let's have it".

Now, Mary, let's have itfrom the beginning.

We will take turns reading; John, let's haveit from page one.