kick around

[kick around] {v.}, {informal} 1. To act roughly or badly to; treatbadly; bully.

John likes to kick around the little boys.

Mr.Jones is always kicking his dog around.

Syn.: PUSH AROUND. 2. To liearound or in a place; be treated carelessly; be neglected.

This oldcoat has been kicking around the closet for years.

The letterkicked around on my desk for days.

3. {slang} To talk easily orcarelessly back and forth about; examine in a careless or easy-goingway.

Bob and I kicked around the idea of going swimming, but it washot and we were too lazy.

Compare: TRY OUT, TALK OVER. 4. To moveabout often; go from one job or place to another; become experienced.

Harry has kicked around all over the world as a merchant seaman.