keep an eye on

[keep an eye on] or [keep one's eye on] or [have one's eye on] {v.phr.} 1. To watch carefully; not stop paying attention to.

Keep aneye on the stove in case the coffee boils.

You must keep your eyeon the ball when you play tennis.

A good driver keeps his eye onthe road.

The teacher had her eye on me because she thought I wascheating.

Billy keeps a jealous eye on his toys.

The liontamer keeps a sharp eye on the lions when he is in the cage.

Compare:LOOK OUT, LOOK OVER. 2. To watch and do what is needed for; mind.

Mother told Jane to keep an eye on the baby while she was in thestore.

Mr. Brown told John to keep an eye on the store while hewas out.

Syn.: TAKE CARE OF(1).