Идиомы на букву O





obey the call of nature


occupy oneself


odd jobs


odds and ends

odds are against


of age

of a piece

of course

off a duck's back

off-again, on-again

off and on

off balance

off base


off center



off day

off duty

off feed

off (one/he/she/it) goes!

off guard


off in a flash


off limits

off one's back

off one's chest

off one's feet

off one's hands

off one's head

off one's high horse

off one's nut

off one's rocker

off one's trolley

off season


off the air

off the bat

off the beam

off the beaten track

off the cuff


off the ground

off the handle

off the hog

off the hook

off the record(1)

off the record(2)

off the top of one's head

off the wagon

off the wall

of it

of late

of necessity

of no avail

of old(1)

of old(2)

of oneself

of one's life

of one's own accord

of one's own free will

of service

of sorts


of die devil

of the first water

of the same mind


oil the wheels



old as the hills

old boy network

old boy

old college try

old country

old flame

old guard

old hand

old hat

old maid

old money

Old Nick

old school tie

old story


old world

olive branch

on account

on account of

on a dime

on-again, off-again

on air

on a limb

on all four

on all fours

on an average

on and off

on an even keel

on a pedestal

on approval

on a scratched horse

on a shoestring

on a volcano

on behalf of

on board(1)

on board(2)

on borrowed time

on call


once and for all

once bitten, twice shy

once for all

once in a blue moon

once in a while


once upon a time

on cloud nine

on condition that

on deck

on deposit

on duty


one and the same

one-armed bandit

on earth

on easy street

one damn thing after another

on edge

one eye on

one foot in the grave

one for the books


one man's meat is another man's poison

on end

one-night stand

one of these days

one on the city

one's money's worth

one's own row


one up


on faith

on file

on fire

on foot

on guard

on hand

on high cotton

on hold

on ice

on in years



on occasion

on one hand

on one's account

on one's back

on one's bad side

on one's behalf

on one's chest

on one's coattails

on oneself

on one's feet

on one's good behavior

on one's good side

on one's hands

on one's head

on one's heel

on one's high horse

on one's honor

on one's knees

on one's last legs

on one's mind

on one's nerves

on one's own

on one's own account

on one's own feet

on one's own hook

on one's own time

on one's part

on one's shoulders

on one's toes

on one's uppers

on one's way

on pain of

on paper

on pins and needles

on purpose

on record

on sale

on schedule(1)

on schedule(2)

on season

on second thought

on sight

on table

on the air

on the alert

on the average

on the back

on the ball

on the bandwagon

on the barrelhead

on the beam

on the bench

on the blink

on the block

on the brain

on the brink of

on the button

on the cards

on the carpet

on the cheap

on the chin

on the contrary

on the cuff

on the dole

on the dot

on the double!

on the eve of

on the face of it

on the fence

on the fly(1)

on the fly(2)

on the go

on the heels of

on the hog

on the hour

on the house

on the increase

on the job

on the knees of the gods

on the lam

on the level

on the line

on the lips

on the lookout

on the loose

on the make

on the map

on the market

on the mend

on die money

on the move

on the nose

on the other foot

on the other hand

on the outs

on the point of

on the Q.T.

on the road

on the rocks

on the ropes

on the run

on the safe side

on the shelf

on the side

on the sly

on the spot

on the spur of the moment

on the stage

on the strength of

on the string

on the take

on the tip of one's tongue

on the town

on the track of

on the trail of

on the trigger

on the up and up

on the vine

on the wagon

on the wane and on the wax

on the warpath

on the watch

on the way

on the whole

on the wing

on the words

on the wrong foot

on the wrong side of the bed

on the wrong track

on time

on top

on top of

on top of the world

on trial

on words

on your life


open and aboveboard

open and shut

open arms

open-door policy

open fire


open heart

open its doors

open letter

open market

open marriage


open one's eyes

open one's heart

open onto

open Pandora's box

open question

open secret

open sesame

open shop

open the door

open the floodgates

open up

open up one's eyes


opposite number

opposite sex

optional origin



order about


or other

or so


other fish to fry

other side of the tracks

out and about


out at the elbows

out back


out cold

outer space

out for

out from under

out in force

out in left field

out in the cold

out in the open

out like a light

out loud

out of

out of a bandbox

out of account

out of a clear sky

out of action

out of all proportion

out of bounds

out of breath

out of character

out of circulation

out of commission

out of condition

out of date

out of fashion

out of gas

out of gear

out of hand

out of hot water

out of keeping

out of kilter

out of line(1)

out of line(2)

out of line with

out of luck

out of mind

out of nowhere

out of one's blood

out of one's element

out of one's hair

out of one's hand

out of one's head

out of one's mind

out of one's mouth

out of one's pocket

out of one's sails

out of one's senses

out of one's shell

out of one's skin

out of one's way

out of one's wits

out of (one's) reach

out of order

out of place(1)

out of place(2)

out-of-pocket expenses

out of practice

out of print

out of school

out of season

out of shape

out of sight

out of sight, out of mind

out of sorts

out of step

out of stock

out of the blue

out of the corner of one's eye

out of the frying pan into the fire

out of the hole

out of the ordinary

out of the picture

out of the question

out of the rain

out of the red

out of the running

out of the swim

out of the way

out of the woods

out of thin air

out of this world

out of touch

out of town

out of tune

out of turn

out of wedlock

out of whack

out of work

out on a limb

out on bail

out on parole

out on the town

outside of

out to lunch


over a barrel

over age

over and done with




over one's dead body

over one's head

over spilled milk

over the coals

over the hill

over the hump

over the long haul

over the short haul

over the top

over the traces

over with(1)

over with(2)


own up