hold out

[hold out] {v. phr.} 1. To put forward; reach out; extend; offer.

Mr. Ryan held out his hand in welcome.

The clerk held out a dressfor Martha to try on.

The Company held out many fine promises toJack in order to get him to work for them.

2. To keep resisting; notyield; refuse to give up.

The city held out for six months undersiege.

Compare: HANG ON, HOLD ON. 3. To refuse to agree or settleuntil one's wishes have been agreed to.

The strikers held out for araise of five cents an hour.

4. {slang} To keep something from;refuse information or belongings to which someone has a right.

Mr.Porters partner held out on him when the big payment came in.

Mother gave Bobby cookies for all the children in the yard, but heheld out on them and ate the cookies himself.

John knew that thefamily would go to the beach Saturday, but he held out on hisbrother.