have it

[have it] {v. phr.} 1. To hear or get news; understand.

I haveit on the best authority that we will be paid for our work next week.

2. To do something in a certain way.

Make up your mind, because youcan't have it both ways. You must either stay home or come with us.

Bobby must have it his way and play the game by his rules.

3. Toclaim; say.

Rumor has it that the school burned down.

Gossiphas it that Mary is getting married.

The man is very smart the wayhis family has it, but I think he's silly.

4. To allow it. - Usuallyused with "will" or "would" in negative sentences.

Mary wanted togive the party at her house, but her mother wouldn't have it.

Syn.:HEAR OF, STAND FOR. 5. To win.

When the senators vote, the ayeswill have it.

6. To get or find the answer; think of how to dosomething.

"I have it!" said John to Mary. "We can buy Mother anice comb for her birthday."

7. {informal} To have an (easy, good,rough, soft) time; have (certain kinds of) things happen to you; betreated in a (certain) way by luck or life.

Everyone liked Joe andhe had it good until he got sick.

Mary has it easy; she doesn'thave to work.