go into

[go into] {v.} 1a. To go or fit inside of; able to be put in.

The table is too big to go into the closet.

1b. To be able to bedivided into; be divisible into.

Two goes into four two times.

2.To enter a state or condition of; pass into.

John went into a fitof temper when he didn't get his own way.

The sick man went into acoma.

The country went into mourning when the king died.

3. To bebusy in or take part in; enter as a job or profession.

The mayorwent into politics as a very young man.

Mr, Johnson is going intobusiness for himself.

Bill wants to go into law when he gets outof school.

Compare: GO IN FOR, TAKE UP(5b). 4. To start to talkabout; bring up the subject of; examine.

We'll talk about the deadmouse after dinner, Billy. Let's not go into it now.

The teacherwent into the subject of newspapers today.

Compare: LOOK INTO.