get the better of

[get the better of] or [get the best of] {v. phr.} 1. To win over,beat; defeat.

Our team got the best of the visitors in the lastquarter.

George got the better of Robert in a game of checkers.

When the opposing player fouled John, John let his anger get thebetter of his good sense and hit the boy back.

Dave wanted tostudy till midnight, but sleepiness got the best of him.

Compare: RUNAWAY WITH(1). 2. or [have the best of] or [have the better of] To winor be ahead in (something); gain most from (something.)

Bill tradedan old bicycle tire for a horn; he got the best of that deal.

Ourteam had the best of it today, but they may lose the game tomorrow.

The champion had all the better of it in the last part of the fight.