get along

[get along] also [get on] {v.} 1. To go or move away; move on.

The policeman told the boys on the street corner to get along.

2. Togo forward; make progress; advance,

John is getting along well inschool. He is learning more every day.

Syn.: GET AHEAD. 3. Toadvance; become old or late.

It is getting along towards sundown.

Grandmother is 68 and getting along.

4. To get or make what youneed; manage.

It isn't easy to get along in the jungle.

We canget along on $100 a week.

Compare: DO WITHOUT(2), GET BY, MAKE DO. 5.To live or work together in a friendly way; agree, cooperate; notfight or argue.

We don't get along with the Jones family.

Jimand Jane get along fine together.

Don't be hard to get alongwith.