follow up

[follow up] {v. phr.}, {informal} 1. To chase or follow closely andwithout giving up.

The Indians followed up the wounded buffalountil it fell dead.

2. Make (one action) more successful by doingsomething more.

After Mary sent a letter to apply for a job, shefollowed it up by going to talk to the personnel manager.

Thedoctor followed up Billy's operation with x-rays, and specialexercises to make his foot stronger.

Compare: FOLLOW OUT, FOLLOWTHROUGH(2). 3a. To hunt for (more news about something that hasalready been in the newspapers, radio or TV news); find more about.

The day after news of the fire at Brown's store, the newspaper sent areporter to follow up Mr. Brown's future plans.

3b. To print orbroadcast (more news about some happening that has been in the newsbefore).

The fire story was printed Monday, and Tuesday's paperfollowed it up by saying that Mr. Brown planned to build a bigger andbetter store at the same place.