count out

[count out] {v.} 1. To leave (someone) out of a plan; not expect (someone) to share in an activity; exclude.

"Will this party cost anything? If it does, count me out, because I'm broke."

When the coach was planning who would play in the big game he counted Paul out, because Paul had a hurt leg.

2. To count out loud to ten to show that (a boxer who has been knocked down in a fight) is beaten or knocked out if he does not get up before ten is counted.

The champion was counted out in the third round.

3a. To add up; count again to be sure of the amount.

Mary counted out the number of pennies she had.

3b. To count out loud, (especially the beats in a measure of music).

The music teacher counted out the beats "one-two-three-four," so the class would sing in time.