The way you turn me on

The way you turn me on

Is like the switch of a light

Because when I see you

I think: What a sight!

You brighten things up

Throughout the whole day

And when you're about to leave

I say to myself: Please stay

Some day you might be my lover

Some day you might be my friend

Whichever one comes first

I hope will never end

Although I don't really know you

You mean a ton to me

A ton as big as heaven

Is what I want you to see.

Now I'm not sure you're single

You might be happily in love

Whomever he might be

He is very lucky

If there's no one to fulfill

That great big happiness

That brings such great a feeling

Of sweet and joy and bless

I would be the one

To bring that all to you

I'll always do you right

If you want me to.

A rose for you