A teacher's survival kit


TOOTHPICK - reminds us to look for the good qualities in our students. You may be the only teacher who says something positive to them that day.

RUBBER BAND - reminds the teacher that they have to be flexible. Things don't always go the way we plan, But flexibility will help to work it out.

BAND AID - reminds the teacher that sometimes we do more than teach, That we help heal hurt feelings, broken dreams, And lend an ear to a problem.

PENCIL - reminds us to be thankful and we should list our blessings daily, But also encourage our students to list their blessings And to be proud of their accomplishments.

ERASER - reminds us to allow students to know we are human And make mistakes just like they do, and it's ok. We must all be able to learn from our mistakes.

CHEWING GUM - reminds us to stick with it And encourage our students to do like wise. Even the impossible task or assignment can be accomplished By sticking to it.

MINT - reminds us and our students we are worth a mint. (We may not be paid a mint, but are worth one.)

CANDY KISS - reminds us that everyone needs a hug, Kiss, or warm fuzzy everyday. (All teachers, students, parents, and even administrators)

TEA BAG - reminds us we need time to relax, Go over our blessing, and take time for others. Family, husbands, wives, friends, children need quality time together.

A teacher must be willing to show their students how much they care!