Lo lo lo. The new year is here at last!

Lo lo lo; the New Year is here at last!.

It is emerging with new visions, new hopes, and new attitudes.

It is rolling on with new energies, new feelings, and new focus.

It is coming with new splendors, new spirits, and new informatsiyarmation.

Are you ready? Are you open to receive them all?

Be still and know what you truly aspire, what you truly are?

Observe all areas; material, emotions and creativity too.

Leave not the spiritual and universal; important aspects you essentially are.

Make a crisp list what the soul speaks out; check is this real-you?

Confirm is this a blue print of you; is this you -the complete you?

Envision and feel how it fulfills; does it connect you too?

Practice stillness within you every day; as many times as you can.

Release this list in silence and cultivate to listen.

Soon you will start to hear the Self speak in you.

The more you listen, the more clarity and confidence springs up.

Jot down what it says; it is showing you the true way of aspirations to come.

Do all things as guided and mess them not.

Maintain your vehicle well to manifest them all.

What you hear is the divinity of the Self in you.

This inner dialogue is uplifting and building you all the way.

Do your top level best and to That let the outcome be left.

Be observant and alert and respond to situations as they dawn.

You will notice, with positivity, you are turning the situations around.

You are awakening the greatness that was lying dormant within you.

You are manifesting your spirit on earth and helping others too.

You will discover the power you looked outside is really within you.

There is fulfillment to share and enjoy within you.

There is beauty within that is splendid and radiates too.

This is the beginning of a great New Year.

This is the beginning of a new learning to blossom and grow.

This is the beginning of a whole new secret to bliss.

You are self-expanding to respond; that’s the sheer magnificence within you.

Are you ready to receive these splendors of the heaven?

Are you ready to receive in awareness; the wisdom of ALL?

Going beyond the conventional stuff is the beginning of a new dawn of a new year. Let it happen to you!