stick with

[stick with] {v.}, {informal} 1. or [stay with] To continue doing;not quit.

Fred stayed with his homework until it was done.

Practicing is tiresome, but stick with it and some day you will be agood pianist.

Compare: STICK TO. 2. To stay with; not leave.

Stickwith me until we get out of the crowd.

For two months Bill's bosscould not pay his salary, but Bill stuck with him because he thoughtthe company would soon succeed.

3. To sell (someone) something pooror worthless; cheat.

Father said that the man in the store tried tostick him with a bad TV set.

4. To leave (someone) with (somethingunpleasant); force to do or keep something because others cannot orwill not. - Usually used in the passive.

When Harry and I went tothe store to buy ice cream cones, Harry ran out with his cone withoutpaying and I was stuck with paying for it.

Mary didn't wash thedishes before she left so I'm stuck with it.

Mr. Jones bought ahouse that is too big and expensive, but now he's stuck with it.